Volunteers - We need you!

We need individuals who are willing to step up and take on the various roles required to create a successful, pleasurable, and memorable ride, Please review the roles below and send an e-mail per the instructions for any role in which you are interested.



8 more people are needed.

Responsibilities: Drive an assigned portion of the routes and mark turns with Mylar arrows on the road. Put other signs on the route as required (Rest Stop ahead, Slow, Steep Hill, etc.). Maps showing the route with warning areas and rest stops will be provided. This task will be performed on the day before the event, Friday, September 22nd.

For more information email rnr100@sawheelmen.com, subject line: "Route Marking".

If you are ready to volunteer, please submit your contact information.


SAG Drivers

4 more people are needed.


  • Go to the “Command Post” at Canaan Land Ranch to pick up your SAG materials, first aid and SAG kit (same location as Registration) Attach the SAG signs to your back windows
  • Drive to your designated start point then slowly drive the route watching for riders who might have a problem
  • Stop to help riders with mechanical problems, injury or those not feeling well
  • Transport riders who cannot continue the ride to the next rest stop
  • Fill out the Safety Log form (get pertinent info from the injured rider) and return the form to the Command Post when your driving tour is over
  • Check in with each Rest Stop on your route on every circuit you make
  • If severe weather develops check with the Command Post to see if the course is being closed
  • Make a final sweep of the route to make sure all riders have completed that segment and notify the Command Post and the Rest Stops on your route that the route is clear
  • Return to the Command Post to turn in your SAG materials, SAG kit, road signs, and any accident forms you completed

Each SAG driver will need a pickup, SUV or automobile with a bike rack, plus a floor pump. The club will provide all necessary supplies plus a gas card.

Contact: Cliff Hickel is the supervisor and will provide instructions on Friday, September 22nd. 

For more information email rnr100@sawheelmen.com, subject line: "SAG Drivers".

If you are ready to volunteer, please submit your contact information.